The five most dangerous intersections in San Diego

Since the last decade, crossing a street in an urban neighborhood in San Diego can be very dangerous. The number of accidents and pedestrians that ended up losing their lives has increased drastically over the ages and is still on the rise.

In 2016, the number of dead pedestrians was higher than in the last two decades together. It is estimated that by 2020, this number will be even greater.
With that in mind, you should be aware of the dangers posed on the streets of San Diego. Here are the five most dangerous intersections that you should be extremely careful around.

University Avenue and 1st Avenue

Located in Hillcrest, this intersection is one of the deadliest in all of the country. The amount of injured pedestrians on this intersection is insanely high, which ranks this intersection the number one most-dangerous in San Diego. Being close to the freeway, it gives most drivers the feeling as they are still out of the city. They easily forget the speed limit, and once they approach the intersection, it is too late to slow down. Almost every week, there is an injured individual at this spot.

Linda Vista Road and Ulric Street

In 2016, there were approximately 40 injured pedestrians in Linda Vista. The speed limit is not stopping these drivers from entering or exiting the Interstate Roads. In fact, almost 95 percent of all cars that you see at this intersection have come from the freeway, or are about to go there. Reducing that speed limit from 60 miles per hour down to 23 miles per hour is something most drivers do too late.

Valley Parkway and Midway Avenue

Escondido is notorious for having way too many car accidents. If you are driving through, be sure to be extremely careful not to hit one of the pedestrians as they may try and cross the road outside of the pedestrian zone. If you do end up in an accident, contact Car Accident Attorneys in San Diego as quickly as you can.

Sports Arena Boulevard and Camino Del Rio

These two large traffic arteries are connecting directly to the Interstates 5 and 8. It is no secret that they are among the most traversed roads in San Diego. Every year, there are over 100 dead pedestrians on this crossroad alone.

If you ever find yourself in a car accident, whether as a pedestrian or a driver, you should call our Personal Injury Attorneys in San Diego right away. They are your best shot at obtaining the compensation you deserve for the injuries sustained and damage done to your vehicle.

4th Avenue and C Street In Chula Vista

Located near Route 54 Interstate 5, this intersection has been listed as the number 4 on the “dangerous list”. With over several thousand cars passing through every day and heading for the Interstate road, most drivers are either in a hurry or just looking to escape the blazing city temperatures. Pedestrians crossing this intersection are not aware of that and may find themselves in quite the trouble when crossing the street.